AKHG is one of the most diversified conglomerates in Pakistan. Our strength is our diversification in working in Travel and Hospitality division. AKHG started its operations in 1998 from Karachi, Pakistan. It began by providing Travel services, followed by Hospitality services, visa and more. Al Kurbani offers premium ritual based services during Eid ul Adha festive, with premium quality animals to slaughter house facility and delivery options. A new venture Al.Khair Tameerat offers modern living facility with complete amenities, that made it capture a decent share of builders market through its signified services. AKHG has been working in different fields since18 years and have built a strong and loyal client base in all fields of operations.

A Brand Made Of Trust!

No longer is it good enough for companies to have the best product or the best service. To grow and succeed, companies must have the trust of their customers and stakeholders. Decades of serving the masses makes the AKHG a group made of tradition legacy and excellence. Our products and services vary from consumer to occasional, holy travel to leisure and beyond

Hajj Quota
  August, 7 2022
Quota 150
Utilized 150
Remaining 150