short hajj packages 2019

Short Hajj

Muslims faith and belief to embark their journey towards Mecca to perform Hajj is one of the important obligation of Islam. Short Hajj makes it easy for people on jobs and commitments to perform all Hajj obligations with ease and peace. Muslims can simply enroll for 20 days Hajj package instead of 40 days or month stay in Saudi Arabia.

Short Hajj packages 2018 with Al-Khair are designed especially for Muslims who can’t travel or stay for a longer period. Our Short Hajj Package 2018 makes your plan easy and comfortable.

Al-khair since decades have been your partner for long and short Hajj and this year again Al-Khair brings exclusive short hajj packages 2018 for the pilgrims, to help and support with our reliable services offered in Mecca, Medina, Azizia, Mina and Arafat.

For Whom Short Hajj Is Beneficial:

There are many individuals who wish to perform Hajj but can’t afford to cope up with office tiers and daily routine work. There work schedule doesn’t permit for long-term office absence or negligence of any kind.

Such individuals benefit with the short hajj packages and policies and are able to perform Hajj 2018 with same zeal and fervor. In Short Hajj 2018 individuals can travel to Mecca and enjoy the same rituals as one can perform in their 40 days hajj package.

They perform all obligations without hassle, just that the number of days or their stay period is shortened. Thus they perform the Hajj, the Islamic religious pilgrimage with the same ease and peace.

Hajj significance in Islam is massive and it’s observed that people from all corners of the globe irrespective of their work and other busy schedules long to embark this sacred journey at least once in their life time and in this regard Short Hajj remains very much beneficial for them.

Transportation Services and Meet & Greet at Airport

Short Hajj 2018 includes meet and greet at Airport and also transportation services in Saudi Arabia as per the routes allowed by Saudi Govt. We offer transportation via Air-conditioned buses from the airport to hotel and Back to Airport for departure.

Besides, Private Al-Khair buses for our pilgrims during Hajj days for Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah and Medina.