short hajj packages 2019

Short Hajj Packages

It’s a blessing to go for Hajj and perform Hajj with ease seems to be a luxury these days. Every year Al-Khair serves thousands of pilgrims in their travel plan and offer different Hajj Packages as per their budget and need.  This year Al-Kahir Hajj & Umrah brings Luxury, Executive, Economy, Budget and Short Hajj Packages 2019 which are available for pilgrims across Pakistan.  If you are planning to avail our short Hajj packages from Karachi or Short Hajj Package from Lahore or Short Hajj Package from Islamabad or any other destination across Pakistan, contact Al-Khair. Since seats are limited so we don’t want anyone to miss it. Al-Khair offers the best services throughout Makkah, Medina, Mina, Muzdalafah, Arafat, Azizia, Ziarat and Qurbani.

Special Short Hajj 2019 packages are made for pilgrims who want to travel to Saudi Arabia on tentative dates and Al Khair Hajj Packages are exclusively designed to meet the need of every haji who aims to perform Hajj in 2019. We help in designing custom Short Hajj Packages from Economy to luxury and Executive Hajj Packages.

Al-Khair Hajj Packages are designed to facilitate every pilgrim who opts to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and selects Al Khair as their travel partner for Hajj 2019.

Book Your Short Hajj 2019 Package and avail the luxury facilities to perform Hajj with ease.